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Follower Milestone Giveaway!



THIS IS SPARTA!  Not really, but since I have finally amassed 300 of you willing to put up with my blog I can now set my plan in motion to gather you all together and defend a small mountain pass against the oncoming hordes of Persians.  Exciting, I know.

To celebrate the imminent bloodbath I am having a giveaway!  The Winner gets:

Either a watercolor painting of anything or anyone of their choice (within reason) OR a mini-fic to their prompts and specifications.  Not enough for you?  Well good, cause there’s more.  Winner may also choose ONE of the following items as well - chosen from the fandoms I just happen to be the most addicted to.

A Starfighter Shirt OR Dog Tags


An Attack on Titan Shirt OR Bracelet


OR your choice of a Homestuck Plushie Scalemate or Consort!


The rules are simple:  If you are already following me, just reblog to enter.  If you are not following, come join our elite legion of warriors with a follow and then reblog to enter.  Contest runs until July 31st at which time a Winner will be chosen at random and announced August 1st.  I will try my damnedest to get all prizes to the Winner within the month of August. Should the first Winner not respond to notifications, a second Winner will be chosen.  Should any giveaway items be out of stock, I will work with the Winner to find a suitable replacement.  

Thank you guys again for making this crazy site such an awesome place to be.  GOOD LUCK!

REMINDER THAT THIS COMES TO AN END THIS WEEK! Also reminder that likes and multiple reblogs do not count, and you must be following to win.




He found his berries

oh mah gaah

Bringing this back cause it is so true.
the fact that you're reblogging loads of Sonic stuff right now is scaring me even though i fuckin love that bastard


what??? youre pansexual??? what the HECJK is that? no no no this is going to have to go through macklemore first


u are a garden and sadly i’m like 12 gardens or a greenhouse. i’m better




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i dont get it

holy shit